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Tyler's Own Little World

Watch Now & Joost

Watch Now & Joost

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I work on the computer and my drawing table a lot so it's nice to have music or shows going. If I'm doing something boring or tedious I prefer shows. I have a second monitor set up so I can play DVD's on it.

Been finding some treasures on Netflix's Watch Now lately. Watched The Fisher King the other day, a great film by Terry Gilliam, kind of mixed a modern tale with a bit of his more fantasy stuff, Robin Williams is great in it. It's not quite so family friendly as Baron Munchausen (on of my all-time favorite films) or Time Bandits though. Was cool because I hadn't seen it in quite a few years.

They have some good documentaries on there as well. Saw one called Dark Days, about this community of "homeless" people that had built dwellings in an abandoned NY railroad tunnel. Was a pretty wild peak into their lives by Marc Singer who filmed down there for a couple years. Aside from living in darkness they have pretty advanced setups for being homeless, even electricity as they have apparently tapped into Amtrak's power.

Another movie I caught on there for the first time was The Fastest Indian with Anthony Hopkins. It was a good film, he could be one of my relatives from Vermont in that movie.

I just got a Joost invite too, Joost is TV on the internet, there are channels but you can just pick what show you want to watch, when you want to watch it. It's distribution is peer-to-peer to help handle the volume. Some major networks are offering shows on the free service. Right now I'm watching Stella (with Michael Ian Black)on Comedy Central, oh man I forgot how funny it was, totally wacky, I only ever saw the pilot and always wanted to see more. Joost is in beta and invitation only, if you want an invitation let me know your e-mail address, I'm not sure how many it lets me give out.

"They're not doctors, they're retards."
  • Joost Invitations!!

    I would love to check out joost!!!
    If you could you forward me an invitation I would be very grateful!

  • joost invitiation

    Could you please send me a joost invitation if you have one? Thanks so much.

    • Re: joost invitiation

      Sent! You're welcome. Let me know if you don't get it for some reason.
  • Joost! Can't wait.

    I heard new users get 999 invites to give out and I would love to try Joost out. Hope it is a amazing as the reviews.


    • Re: Joost! Can't wait.

      Sent! Let me know if you don't get it for some reason. It's fun, still beta but there's some good shows on there to watch and its fun playing around with the channels and stuff.
  • Joost Invite

    I read an article in Newsweek this evening about Joost and went to learn more and discovered I need an invite.

    I hope it isn't terribly rude to request an invite from you. If not and you consent the email address is papertrail144@gmail.com

    Thank you.

    -- Papertrail
    • Re: Joost Invite

      Sent! Let me know if you don't get it for some reason.

      Not rude at all, its the only way to get one. Someone I didn't know shared an invite with me so the least I can do is pass it on.

  • Any more invites?

    Can you send me an invite to Joost?


    Thanks so much!
  • Do you have any invites left? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  • Woah, I'd love a invite kaelendraATgmailDOTcom
    Obviously the AT is @ and DOT is . I just have had it ingrained in me to watch out for spammers. Shiver, least gmail does pretty good with keeping things out but I've got a couple emails I had to stop using cause spam was so bad.
    I actually heard about joost from someone at work, or a bit about it, don't think he'd looked too much into it... just heard from someone whom heard from someone (after that it gets too dizzying for me to think on). Does seem like a good idea, long as they can get enough money for it.
    I know some stations will on their shows pages let you see the previous weeks show which is neat but I'm canadian and a lot of those (including jericho) limit that to people whom are in the us (cry). Not a horrid loss on that one seen as where I work though it's in canada it works to watch there, heh.
    • Yeah, they've got some major commercials supporting it, they tend to be real brief and entertaining. And just like maybe two per show. Some channels don't seem to play any.

      It is weird how some are only available to certain regions.

      Invitation sent. Let me know if you don't get it or something.
  • Me, too

    I'd love to try Joost... eric AT nytefyre dot com

  • How about me?

    I am very curious myself. Can you spare another invite to Joost?
    seangle AT msn dot com.
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