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Tyler's Own Little World

And then it was April 24th...

And then it was April 24th...

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Been really busy this year. Worked on several projects. Some include the Webcomic related sites Comixtalk, PVP, Looking For Group, Least I Could Do and CAD the Series. Still working on a few more as well as the new version of ComicPress... 2.5, due out within the next week or so and it is going to rock for those trying to customize the layout.

My own comic, Wally & Osborne, has taken a back seat unfortunately. But I'm working to start it back up again soon with a new look and a new site. Even so the comic has been renewed to run another year at Funbrain, alongside Silent Kimbly and NY Times Bestseller Diary of A Wimpy Kid. The new comics will be appearing there soon as well.

A few months ago I made the switch, not to Apple, but to the free and open source Ubuntu. Been using it exclusively for my projects, other than launching a virtual machine with Windows XP to test sites in IE7. The new version of Ubuntu, 8.04, was released today, I'm as excited as a little girl and my machine is upgrading to it as I type this. I've fallen in love with Inkscape and even the Gimp. Gimp takes a little time after years of Photoshop, but it has a lot of features that work so much better and are a lot more intuitive once you spend some time working in it. Together with Bluefish for my code they have made a great Web design and development package. The Looking For Group site was almost all vector done in Inkscape.

Also I've done my first comic using Inkscape and the Gimp, it's actually the guest comic over at Sheldon today. Dave just had a baby and is getting a little break. Speaking of which, my little one is 8 months now and doing well, growing up too fast even, he's a little character.

And finally, "Lost" returns tonight. Awesome.
  • Tyler,

    I'm really looking forward to ComicPress 2.5 - I'm in the middle of a redesign using ComicPress, so the timing is perfect!

    Can't wait to see what's in store!

    Congrats for all the hard work this year
  • I'm finishing up on my new site, so I hope whatever super-secret enhancements that are appearing are easy to add onto my upcoming site. Thankfully, I understand php and css rather well, so I'm sure I can figure out how to implement any changes I want to grab.
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