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Tyler's Own Little World

I'm Not A Slacker...

I'm Not A Slacker...

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"I'm doing the work. I'm baby-steppin!"

I realized I haven't posted here for quite some time. Since my last post a lot has happened.

  1. Had a brand new baby boy.

  2. Moved to the mountains.

  3. Helped Scott Kurtz develop his new PVP site.

  4. Did an interview for Scott's new podcast, Webcomics Confidential.

  5. Released a new version of ComicPress, the comic publishing theme for WordPress.

  6. Started updating my comic, Wally & Osborne, again after a long hiatus.

  7. Was awesome.

Next on my list is to jump back on Lunchbox Funnies' future plans and the Wally & Osborne book collection along with a few other projects I've been signed on to do in the world of Webcomics.
  • good to have you back in the land of the distracted!
  • RT misses you!
  • You got me beat! good job!
  • doorssite


  • What does "baby-steppin" means in this case? :)
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