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Tyler's Own Little World

Yahoo Music Unlimited

Yahoo Music Unlimited

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I finally got Yahoo Music Unlimited and I loves it! I realized that with all the Netflix movies and shows, and Watch Now and Joomla and such, I was being entertained while working but my productivity was really suffering. I wanted to get back to listening to more music while working as opposed to watching stuff. And what better way than to instantly add over 2 million songs to your collection.

I just finished listening to Pink Floyd's The Final Cut, the last album with Roger Waters and if you are a fan of The Wall, it is basically the melancholy sequel to it. I hadn't listened to it since I had it on tape years ago... "The Fletcher Memorial Home for incurable tyrants... and kings!"

I've got access to 31 Electric Light Orchestra albums! I created a playlist the other day of all the Weird Al parody songs with the original songs playing before them (what a geek eh?). I can listen to catchy songs by All American Rejects and Hot Hot Heat without being caught with them in my home CD collection. I sampled the latest albums by Chris Cornell, Dolores O'Riordan & Fergie only to confirm that singers need to stick with their bands and not make crappy solo albums. I listened to the newly regrouped Smashing Pumpkins' single only to be reminded that the Smashing Pumpkins will never be back... although they do have this Rarities & B-Sides collection that I don't have which has their Thin Lizzy cover of Dancing In the Moonlight, one of my favorite songs they do. For max productivity I listen to techno (happy hardcore stuff usually) so I need to get exploring their Electronic/Dance section a bit more and see what I can discover.

Anyway, lots of music to listen to while I hopefully get more drawings and comics done. Although I just got Battlestar Galactica Season 2.5 Disc 3 in the mail today from Netflix, and they just added The Office seasons 1 and 2 to Watch Now.... curse them!
  • Netflix finally started offering Watch It Now in my area, and I've stayed up way too late the last couple of nights watching stuff. Watched Cemetery Man(Dellamorte,Dellamore) last night -- mot excellent. XD
    • Heh, hadn't seen that, sounds pretty silly. :)

      I ended up watching several episodes of The Office last night and not finishing a comic, as figured, doh. That show is hilarious.

      Also been catching up on the classics like Cool Hand Luke and Bonnie & Clyde, both pretty cool old films. Next on the menu is A Streetcar Named Desire I guess.

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