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Tyler's Own Little World

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Series

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Series

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Star Wars nerd alert! I'm sold. The new Clone Wars 3D animated series looks like it's going to be pretty cool. I'm really digging the style and the character designs. Sneak Peak Trailer.

  • Wow. That looks like 3D animation done right.

    A lot of times I'm bored with 3D animation, but that has some neat style to it.
    • Yeah, I like the stylization of the characters (kind of reminds me of the way they did Madagascar). The animation looks real fluid. The ship scenes look basically like the movies since that's how they are done anyway. And it appears the stories/acting are well done and not too cheesy.
  • (Anonymous)
    Slick. Very Fluid, and life like in the movements. My kids will go ape. The over all style is really eye catching. When you said "3D Animation" I was expecting the worst. LOL!

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