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Tyler's Own Little World

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica

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I just finished season one and got the first disc to season 2 today from Netflix. I had tried watching the old series (I watched it as a kid) but I just couldn't make it through them, that bad.

The new series didn't interest me at first with the newly redesigned Cylons (I love the old ones) and the human cloned ones (boring). But with all the nerd hype of the series I had to give it a try an now I'm hooked. It's nice to have something to entertain me while I'm buried in website and illustration work and frustrated that I don't have much time to work on Wally & Osborne lately.
  • Muahaha, cue the circus folk from Clerks the Animated Series "One of us One of us!"

    But don't take too long. I want to know that poor Osborne gets his beak back!!
  • (Anonymous)
    You know, I recently saw some of teh old reruns on ScFi. I was all excited at first because I hadn't seen them since I was a kid. I had the toys and everything. Then after a while I was really let down. I remembered it slicker and more interesting.

    As I watched it i couldn't help but think... it's just an old western in space. The aliens as the indians, the space fleet "Wagon train" going across the barren lands. Heck I even noticed Starbuck and the guys having their blaster slung low on the leg just like the old quick draw westerns of the 50's and sixties. LOL!!!

    But for some reason as kid it was just about one of the coolest things around.

    • Yeah, sometimes when I try to revisit some of my cool childhood things, I realize it is best just to keep the childhood versions of the memories instead.
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